Student Services Policy

All Cosmetology Students providing service at Minnesota Brow Lash and Medspa Academy are working underneath our Cosmetology School License #22001519

All Body Art Apprentices taking Permanent Makeup & Body Art Clients are directly & in-directly supervised underneath our licensed supervisors & facility license number 5367



Completing the 6 day microblading and micro-shading was the best decision I could’ve made. Kay and Holly are amazing teachers and truly want to set you up for success! Everyone that works there is so welcoming and will answer any questions you have. I’m so looking forward to my apprenticeship at the academy and studio; I’d highly recommend the courses AND the services at MN Brow and Lash.

Dana Jaber-Eid


Frequently Asked Questions

Should I make an appointment ahead of time?

Appointments are required in advance as our students are not required to be onsite unless they have an appointment.

Is tipping required?

Absolutely not. If you choose to tip, a typical amount is 15-20% of the service price. Students welcome that appreciation.

Do you allow refunds?

It is Minnesota Brow Lash and Medspa Academy policy not to offer refunds for services. Because we are an academy, our students learn from fixing their errors and working directly with the clients.

Can I bring my children with me?

Children are not allowed in the facility while procedures are being done.

Is there paperwork required?

There is a Consent form for each service that will be provided at check-in for the appointments, the consent forms are mandatory to fill out by the State of Minnesota. Please arrive 10-15 min before the scheduled appointment to fill out paperwork.

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