3D Microblading Hair Strokes

MICROBLADING is a manual, semi-permanent technique that creates a very natural no makeup style of eyebrows. Using a specialized hand tool, your licensed artist will place pigment matched to your unique coloring into the upper layers of the skin. These hair strokes of color can look very natural and give the illusion of replacing hairs that are lacking in your natural brow. Manual shading can also be added to create more dimension.


Add Manual Shading: $50+

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The “WOW” Ombre Brow

WOW” COMBO BROW combines the best aspects of Microblading & Powder Brows into a unique pattern designed just for you.  Microblading is manually applied where needed to create a natural hair appearance while the machine powder application will create the ombre effect and give definition & dimension.


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Powder Shading Ombre

POWDER SHADING OMBRE BROWS are a semi-permanent brow tattoo technique that creates a soft, powdered look that subtly fills in your brow. It can be customized and is often done in the Ombre style of light to dark. As well, it can be designed very sheer or bold depending on your desired result.


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 Lip Blushing

Lip Blushing is a semi-permanent cosmetic treatment that gives a light wash of color or blush of color to the lips. The results are very different from the hard solid look of lip tattooing done in the past. Once healed you can expect a look similar to that of a lip stain. There are options to have a more lipstick look to the lip blush as well as options for natural lip color correction.

Not only does this tint lips with color, but makes them appear fuller and more defined.


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Eyeliner/Both Eyeliners

Say goodbye to wobbly lines and makeup that begins to slide by noon. With permanent eyeliner you can look your best all day every day!

Every face is unique and your eyeliner should reflect that. We want you to get the exact look you desire so offer a variety of styles and colors that are tailored for you. You can tattoo upper & lower lash line or just upper/lower. The choice is yours!

Eyelash Enhancements are perfect for those who feel they don’t want an obvious eyeliner tattoo but would like more definition of the eyes without the use of makeup. Pigment is carefully implanted into the areas in between the lashes top and/or bottom. This gives a hint of eyeliner without the obvious line.

Classic Eyeliner is ideal for those who wear pencil or liquid liner daily and who like to accent the shape of their eye. The classic look ranges from a liner tapered on both ends to a liner with a small wedge or wing at the outer corner. All classic eyeliners include the lash enhancement. The style is completely customizable.

Top Eyeliner: $225

Bottom Eyeliner: $150 

Top & Bottom Eyeliner: $325

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MN brow and lash is very welcoming clean, and the mentors are excellent feedback. Valerie did my lip blushing treatments on two separate visits. She is professional, thoughtful, and in tune to my desired end result with color and shape of my lips. She took her time marking out the borders of my lips and making sure I was comfortable throughout the treatment. I highly recommend seeing Valerie for your lips and brows needs!

Ginger Spronk

I saw apprentice Samantha for permanent eyeliner. Samantha was very friendly and professional and did a thorough job examining the placement before tattooing. Throughout my appointment, she would regularly check in and made sure I felt comfortable throughout the process. After the appointment, she did a great job explaining the aftercare process. All staff were very warm and welcoming and the studio was extremely cleanly. I am very happy with my eyeliner and I am looking forward to my touch up. I highly recommend seeing Samantha for all your permanent makeup needs!

Kayce Johnson


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