• Online Pre-Course work
  • Prerequisite: knowledge of machine work and permanent makeup background
  • Understand the skin-including age, texture, and undertones
  • Advance technique for: Cashmere Nano Ombre Brows, Lush Lips and Feather Eyeliners
  • Cashmere Nano Ombré Brows: Machine hair strokes and ombré shading
  • Lush Lips: Machine Ombré lip blush technique
  • Feather Eyeliners: Machine technique which combines both enhancement and eyelids feathering star dusting / smokey ombré shading techniques
  • Ombre Powder Perfection Technique
  • Correction of prior PMU applications
  • Instructor-led demonstrations
  • Live Model Practice (Temporary License Approval Required)

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