We are super excited for our SMALL TATTOO class tomorrow. I want to share a little bit about this course. This 1 day CE course is a great education class for Permanent Makeup Artists who want to learn more about tattoo body art. Considering this class is like a small bridge to open your mind to some fundamentals of tattoo technique, the difference between PMU vs Tattooing, Depth and Saturation, Pigment vs Ink knowledge, Techniques of linework and shading, etc.

So the question is: “Will this class make you a tattoo artist?”

The answer is: “No, you will learn how to do small tattoos with some line work and some color that fits with your Permanent Makeup Skill. You will improve your current machine skill from the class.

You won’t be qualified as a body art artist. True body art skills take a minimum of 2 years apprenticeship under a tattoo artist. During that, your supervisor will teach you his styles, needles, stacking, colors, light value, diffident technique, cleaning, mannerisms and much more. Tattooing apprentice is like a “disciple” program. Your tattoo master/supervisor will teach and train you his/her passion and everything!”

The question: “ What will I benefit from this class?”

The answer:” Lots of benefits from the class. Besides having thorough understanding of PMU vs Tattooing and small tattooing design, your skill will be improving from that bridging knowledge. You will understand how to work effectively like a tattoo artist can. Or as light as a PMU Artist can. It’s option and education for your fundamental skill. You will understand all the Why and How!”

I’m super proud of this class. Tiffany and I are Có teaching this class. By taking this class, our students can perform small tattoos while significantly improving their PMU skills. They do better at eyeliners, lips and more saturated brows.

To summarize, this class is not just for a small tattoo, it’s much MORE!!!

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