• Leave Tegaderm on for 5-7 days. 
  • When removing the Tegaderm peel off under cool/lukewarm water, wash area with antibacterial soap (Dial), recommended to let air dry completely
  • With tattoo completely dry, apply a very thin layer of vitamin A&D ointment, pat off any extra ointment  
  • Wash and apply ointment to the tattooed area  2-3 times daily until completely healed
  • Never pick scabs. This will pull the pigment from your tattoo
  • Avoid applying/using any products containing alcohol and/or fragrances
  • No swimming or hot tubs for 14-21 days. Showers are fine
  • Avoid direct sun exposure. Never apply sunscreen to a tattoo that is not fully healed
  • Wear loose clothing during the healing process. Tight clothing may cause rubbing and pull at any scabbing

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