• In Minnesota, in order to legally person skin, nails or eyelash services, you must first be licensed. The types of services one is able to perform are determined by the scope of practice within each license type.
  • We operate under the MN Board of Cosmetology School license (# 9000219). 
  • We offer many courses including initial licensing for Eyelash Extension Technicians, Estheticians, Microblading/ Tattoo, as well as many certification courses.
  • The 38- hour eyelash extension training program which will provide certification to become a licensed Eyelash Extension Technician. After the training, the student can take the state test through PSI and apply to be licensed as an eyelash technician.
  • If you do not hold any license by the MN Board Of Cosmetology (BCE) then you are required to take a 38 Hour Fundamentals Course to get your Eyelash Extension Technician certification. This is your first step to becoming licensed as an Eyelash Extension Technician. Once you pass your course, you will do your written testing for your license. 
  • Students do not need to possess a cosmetology license or an esthetician license to take this course. However, other requirements such as a high school diploma are required by the Minnesota Board of Cosmetology in order to obtain a license. All individual licenses and forms can be found at: https://mn.gov/boards/cosmetology/licensing/individual-a/
  • If you possess a cosmetology license and/or an esthetician license, your license will qualify you to perform eyelash extensions. You do not need an additional eyelash technician license to perform eyelash services. If you have never performed eyelash extensions, we strongly encourage you to take our 38 hour course (as outlined above) or our other advanced courses (such as our 1 1/2 Day ‘Level 1’ or our 1 Day ‘Volume Course’. These courses will provide the necessary knowledge and skills to jump start your career earnings potential!
  • To enroll in a Continued Education (CE) Course, you must be licensed as an Eyelash Technician, Cosmetologist or Esthetician before enrolling in certification courses.
  • An Eyelash Extension Technician license does qualify as a prerequisite for some courses.

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