• Live model option is strongly suggested during the training course. Live models fee covers the state license fee and the admin fees. 
  • The State of MN requires a minimum of 2 weeks up to 30 days  to process the application. Please plan accordingly. 
  •  Students are responsible for bringing their own models to practice during class.
  • If finding models is difficult for you, the academy can run a model call, however, we do not guarantee individual models for each student.
  • We require all students to complete a bloodborne pathogens certification before attending our courses.
  • Please visit http://www.health.state.mn.us/ to find out which certifications are accepted in the state of MN.
  • Permanent Makeup Artists including Microbladers must do a 200 hour hands-on apprenticeship under a licensed supervisor in order to apply for a MN Body Art license & be able to work legally in a facility licensed for Body Art.
  • During your hands-on classes & apprenticeship you will work under a MN Temporary Body Art license issued to you by the MN Dept. of Health.
  •  Please check out your state’s health department website for the correct information if you are attending from out of state.

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