Using cutting edge tools and techniques, high quality pigment is implanted in the area of the lashes top and bottom which enhances your eye shape and color.

The design is completed in 2 sessions spaced 6-8 weeks apart and your comfort is ensured with topical numbing agents deemed safe for the delicate eye area. The eyeliner tattoo takes a few days to fully heal and for the pigment to settle, but most people return to work the following day. Your 6-8 week touchup session will ensure long lasting pigment retention.

Before your procedure an in depth consultation will be done. Your expectations and desires will be discussed and an outline is drawn for your approval. Eye safe topical anesthetic will be applied for your comfort. As well, your eyes will be closed during the procedure, so no worries about damage to your eyes.

The entire procedure including consultation, photos, numbing, tattoo and aftercare review will take approximately 2-2.5 hours.


  • Semi permanent eyeliner is particularly good for people who struggle with sensitive skin or those who cannot use standard makeup products.
  • It is ideal for those who swim, play sports or do other activities that would normally cause makeup to run.
  • It is also good for those with poor eyesight, unsteady hands or who have lost their eyelashes.


  • Under the age of 18 years
  • Pregnant or nursing
  • Diabetic using Insulin (will require physician’s note)
  • Have an autoimmune disease (will require physician’s note)
  • Using blood thinners (will require a physician’s note)
  • Those with epilepsy
  • Infections (localized to the area or systemic) 
  •  Sick (experiencing cold/flu symptoms)
  • Have major heart problems
  • Had an organ transplant (consult with physician)
  • Have skin conditions (eczema, psoriasis) or irritations (rashes, sunburn, acne, etc.) in or near the procedure area
  • Prone to keloid scars or hypertrophic scarring
  • Used Accutane or other oral retinoid in the past year
  • Undergoing chemotherapy or radiation (must wait 12 months)
  • Have had sensitivities to dyes/pigments or local anesthetics (patch testing is available)
  • Have ocular herpes, a stye or existing corneal abrasions/burns
  • Eye conditions that require use of medicated eye drops

Other Considerations:

  • Very hooded eyelids may limit the extent to which the eyeliner can be done
  • Have lash extensions - must remove 1 week before tattooing (so not to damage the hair follicle)
  • Use Latisse or lash serum - must stop serums 4 weeks before tattooing

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