• Our training programs are approved by the Minnesota State Board of Higher Education. Our programs will fulfill the requirements for your licensing process. We are licensed under the Minnesota Board of Cosmetology # 9000219.
    Students are required to be 17 years of age to take our course.
  • Students are required to be 18 or older to be licensed by the BCE. High school diploma is NOT required.
    We are here to help you expand your career. We offer courses for licensure, continuing education courses, license renewal CE both online or in person, business advice, as well as an in facility product store for your future needs. Once you leave the Academy, you become part of the alumni family. We are with you to help you grow, offer support, answer ongoing questions and you always have a lifetime seat at the Academy.
    If you need to polish your skills at a later time you’re welcome to come back to class for a refresher. Also, we are available if you need advice once you leave the Academy to start your career.
    You can enroll online at: https://mnbrowlashacademy.com/38-hours-fundamental-eyelash-extension-training
    You will see training details or over the phone 952-938-0358
    If you have further questions feel free to contact us anytime via email mnbrowlashacadmey@gmail.com or text/call our Lash Coordinator Darletta at: 612-367-6101.

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