•  Step One: With cleanser cleanse eyebrows and remove any traces of makeup and natural oils.  Assess texture and density.  This determines processing time.  It’s important to note that if you are tinting during this service the tinting time will be REDUCED.
  • Step Two: Evenly apply adhesive (water based for easy removal) and place brows using a V-shaped comb in an upward and straight (no overlapping) position.
  • Step Three: Evenly apply lifting lotion over the entire brow.  You may choose to cover the brow with cellophane. EAV warm towel.
  • Step Four: Processing time is usually 8-12 minutes. Depending on mfg. Time each brow separately.
  • Step Five: Remove with a lint free cotton wipe
  • Step Six: Reposition as needed. Evenly apply a layer of fixing/setting lotion (lock it in) over brows and let process.  Usually 8 to 12 minutes. (Time each brow separately.  Try not to have more than 60 seconds between each brow.
  • Step Seven: Remove with a lint free cotton wipe.
  • Step Eight: Apply Keratin Boost/Conditioner to nourish and strengthen the brows.  For best results apply twice daily for  7-10 days after the procedure. (Great chance for retail!) You could also retail the gel/pomade, growth serum, and/or a nourishing oil. (After this step is when Henna or Tinting can be done.

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